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Full List of Participating Programmes

Since 2011 there have been total of 34 interventions to date, with over 5,600 people engaging with the NW PEACE III Cluster’s programme of activity. This publication has only been able to showcase a small number of these diverse projects and we would like to acknowledge the range of innovative, creative, and sometimes challenging and thought-provoking programmes of activity that have been delivered by project partners, tendered programmes or through the small grants programme.

Your Space or Mine?

Sharing spaces through celebration of culture, arts, sports, heritage and identity.

Lead Partner Project Name Grant Awarded
Strabane District Council Peace Building through Cultural Legacy and Sport £164,775
Strabane District Council Collaborative Programme- Peace Building through Sport £55,000
Omagh District Council Culture, Arts and Sports Programme £165,011
Omagh District Council Collaborative Programmee- North West Peace Building Programme £39,920
Derry City Council Culture Connecting Communities £165,100
Derry City Council Collaborative Programme- Plantation to Partition £70,000
Derry City Council Legacy Celebration Events Programme £55,600
Omagh District Council Multi Cultural Park - Capital Legacy Project £208,000
Strabane District Council Links of Time - Capital Legacy Project,Castlederg £250,000
Holywell Trust DiverseCity Community Partnership Capital Legacy Project £184,960
Derry City Council Decade of Commemorations Programme £80,000
Groundwork Northern
Sharing Spaces - Promoting Positive Expressions of Cultural Heritage & Identity £95,450
Waterside Area Partnership Waterside Links £74,540
Football in the Community Teenage Kickz - Red Card to Sectarianism £57,026
Gasyard Development Trust Your Process or Mine £46,999
STEER Bridges to Recovery £26,278
Derry City Council Carnivals Connects Project £56,920
Londonderry YMCA RESPECT £74,193
The Whistle Project Connect4 £39,476

Peace on the AGEnda

Influencing and sustaining positive attitudes of young people from an early stage and through an
inter-generational focus.

Lead Partner Project Name Grant Awarded
WELB NW Youth Forum for Peace & Reconciliation £218,177
FOCUS Young Adult Leadership Programme £121,727
Headliners Talking About My Generation £79,744
Verbal Arts Centre Age Old Stories £21,881
Border Arts Older Folks, Older Ways, New Generations & Brighter Days £87,219
Cathedral Youth Club Generations Working Together £51,022
RAPID Reconciling through the use of technology £80,000
An Gaelaras Speirghairdin £88,059
Early Years Respecting Difference Programme £143,088
Co-operation Ireland Generations for PEACE £143,022

Crossing Paths

Building capacity to enable and strengthen cross-community and cross border engagement and to address sectarianism and racism in the North West.

Lead Partner Project Name Grant Awarded
Londonderry YMCA RESPECT 2 Programme £106,828
Londonderry YMCA Community Capacity Building Programme £490,171
Workers Educational Association Community Leadership Programme £141,615
Derry City Council Strategic Support Priority £143,249
Derry City Council Rapid Response Fund £37,176

Strategic Support Priority

Embedding good relations to address conflict resolution through a responsive and flexible approach that prevents the destabilisation of good relations.

Lead Partner Project Name Grant Awarded
Derry City Council Strategic Support Priority £143,249
Derry City Council Rapid Response Fund £37,176

The Legacy Celebration Events Programme is a project supported by the European Union's PEACE III Programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body and delivered by the North West PEACE III Partnership of Derry City Council, Omagh District Council, and Strabane District Council.

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