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Your Process or Mine

Name of Project: Your Process or Mine
Lead Partner: Gasyard Development Trust
Grant Awarded: £46,999

This project engaged with 40 young people from both Nationalist and Loyalist areas and brought them together to explore the themes of the Peace Process from both perspectives and to share and enhance their understanding of the peace process. The programme has improved the young people’s knowledge, understanding and acceptance of the history, culture and identity of the communities in the City.

The idea was to explore and challenge different perceptions of the peace process, as well as creating an exhibition and short film telling the story from both a Republican and a Loyalist perspective. Young people have engaged directly with ex-prisoners from both the Loyalist and Republican communities from Derry/Londonderry and Donegal through a series of 20 facilitated workshops. This has included researching the peace process, exploring perceptions of the peace process and role of paramilitarism and interviewing republican and loyalist ex-prisoners’ about their experiences of prison and their role in the peace process.

The exhibition outlines the chronology of the conflict from its early days through to the present, when the conflict was at its height, to the present day, and is being placed within each participating community, with access and tours for the general public, community groups, schools and colleges. The short film incorporates on-screen footage of the young participants talking individually and collectively about their perceptions of the peace process before and after their engagement in this project. The young people have had the opportunity to build their skills and knowledge of film-making as well as learning more about each other’s areas, history and culture.

Through engaging young people in this challenging project and through the production of the exhibition and film, there has been an increase in the use of shared and contested spaces and increased co-operation and engagement between the young people and their communities.

The strength of this project was due to the support and engagement of the partners which included: Lincoln Courts Community Association, New Buildings Community Association and Pilot’s Row Community Association.

The Legacy Celebration Events Programme is a project supported by the European Union's PEACE III Programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body and delivered by the North West PEACE III Partnership of Derry City Council, Omagh District Council, and Strabane District Council.

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